Media Watch – 29th July 2014

There are only a three cycling related pieces in this week’s Eastbourne Gazette.

The first comes from the letters pages, where once again concern about cycling on Eastbourne prom mingles facts with fiction. Alan Cooper from Bakers Farm Park, Upper Horsebridge, Hailsham writes in with amazement that the cycling ban on the lower prom has been lifted.

The ban hasn’t been lifted, and this stems from an incorrect letter in last week’s Eastbourne Gazette (see Media Watch – 22nd July 2014) stating it had.

The seafront byelaw is still in force, but Eastbourne Borough Council have voted to amend the byelaw to allow cycling on certain parts of the seafront. The proposed areas are Fisherman’s Green to The Healy Shelter which extends the current route from Sovereign Harbour, and from The Pier to The Wish Tower, where it will join the existing shared use pavement leading up to The South Downs at St Bede’s School.

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The other two pieces are an appeal by Sussex Police to reunite a stolen bike with it’s owner, and a correction of the dates in last week’s Gazette which said the Tour Of Britain was passing through Hailsham on September 23rd, instead of the correct date of September 13.