Herstmonceux – Windmill Hill Cycle route

A cycle route joining two villages on the A271

The following is a proposal from Bespoke for a potential cycle route between Herstmonceux and Windmill Hill.


There is currently no safe route between the two villages of Herstmonceux and Windmill Hill.
These are around 1km apart and are linked by the A271, which is a busy road that is unsuitable for
children and the less confident cyclist. There are a number of new housing developments in the
area. One of these has a suggested cycle route. This route is identified as a Section 106 /
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) deliverable.

Core Policy WCS 14 of the Wealden District Council Local Plan (February 2013) states that the
planning authority will support development that encourages travel by walking, cycling and public
transport, while the East Sussex Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 (LTP3) has an overarching
objective of improving accessibility and social inclusion. The document recognises the role of
Travel Plans in achieving a modal shift in favour of the more sustainable modes of transport. This
includes cycling.

However to make an effective route there needs to be a link between the two villages. This route
could be used for pedestrians, horse riders, mobility scooters, cyclists and other non motorised
traffic. Various possible extensions are shown on the maps.

It is suggested that a review of the routes is considered by East Sussex County Council (ESCC)

Cycle usage

Numbers of cycle journeys in Wealden are generally lower than the rest of East Sussex

2011/12 – Cycle once a month

East Sussex (avg) 12
Wealden 8
Brighton and Hove 16

Proportion of residents who cycle (any length or purpose) at least once a month: England from 2010/11 (DfT)

Cycle to work

East Sussex (avg) 1
Wealden 1
Brighton and Hove 3

Source :- Census 2011

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s (APPCG) Get Britain Cycling report sets an ambition
that at least 10 percent of all journeys should be made by bike by 2025 – a five fold increase on
today’s figures. These increases will only be made with safer cycle provision


There are a number of new housing developments. The most relevant is WD/2015/0090 which is
to the west of Herstmonceux. In this scheme is a cycle route covered by either S106 or CIL. It is
however proposed by Bespoke that it follows the route in this document which is more off road
and based on the existing footpaths.

The main considerations for the route are:

  • Increased population in the area. In South Wealden this will be between 10% and 15%.
  • The S106 requirements of this scheme WD/2015/0090 includes measures aimed at incentivising means of travel other than the car. The development will be designed to facilitate walking and cycling, in particular for local journeys to key destinations. All dwellings will be provided with cycle parking in line with prevailing local parking standards. Plus a sustainable transport voucher to a value of £100 for every household with residents being able to choose from a menu of incentives (bikeability training, financial contribution towards a bus season ticket, or towards a new bicycle or electric bicycle).The target for this site is to reduce the proportion of journeys undertaken by car by 10%.
  • Nearby to this scheme are other new housing developments. One is shown on the map on page 4.
  • A need for safer routes for children going to school, the village hall and the shops. The school can be seen on the map extract between the Herstmonceux recreation ground and the A271.
  • A route for less confident cyclists and those who do not have access to a car. This would provide a safe route from Windmill Hill.
  • Provide exercise and an alternative to driving.
  • A review of a cycle route from Herstmonceux to Hailsham should also be considered by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) with a long term aim of making a family friendly cycle route to Hailsham. There are some country lanes within the area that could be used by confident adult cyclists. These narrow lanes are not direct and have blind corners which do not provide a safe route for inexperienced cyclists and mobility scooters. Consideration should be given for a “20 is plenty” zone of 20mph. These lanes stop at Magham Down and from this point the only direct route into Hailsham is the A271.


Windmill Hill

There are some small housing developments, such as at Strawberry Field, being proposed within
this village.

Based on the cycle route, described already in Herstmonceux, there is a need for an extension
from Lime Cross to Windmill Hill. The pathway is not sufficiently wide but could be enhanced and
upgraded to allow non motorised traffic. A review by ESCC would be required.

On the map below are two alternative routes close to the A271. Below shown as 1) and 2)

  1. Assumes land owner permission can be obtained to enable the route to go round the back
    of the existing houses avoiding the narrow verges and allowing creation of a wider 2m shared path.
  2. Assumes a continued route along the A271 . This is very narrow in places possibly preventing the creation of a shared path to Windmill Hill.

Routes in blue are the proposed route using existing paths. In the developers plan part of their
route uses the road within the site.



Other routes to be considered include :-

  1. A route to Comphurst Lane. This route would join the bridleway on the lane.
  2. A link to join up to Village Hall utilising recreation ground and its access.
  3. Possibility of speed limit reduction at Windmill Hill to 30 on A271.
  4. Possibility of upgrading existing pedestrian island to pelican crossing to aid mobility scooters and families with children.