Horsey Cycleway Section 1 – Letter To Residents

The following letter is currently being distributed to residents along the route of the Horsey Cycleway, Section 1, but East Sussex County Council. It details the new proposed route from Eastbourne Railway Station to Ringwood Road, where it joins the existing stretch of Horsey Cycleway, Section 2.

Bespoke are very excited to see this route progressing, as it will provide a link from Eastbourne Railway Station to Lottbridge Drove and the Cuckoo Trail. It also provides a safer route to and from Eastbourne town centre for residents of Bridgemere.

Letter from ESCC on Horsey Cycleway Section 1

horsey letter - page1

Dear Sir/Madam,

TITLE: Horsey Way Cycleway Section 1

Over the last few years the County Council has been preparing proposals for a number of cycle routes across Eastbourne and these were exhibited to the public in October 2010 and again in January 2014. Flyers were delivered to your house inviting you to participate in both consultations either at the exhibition in Eastbourne Town Hall or via the County Council website. The result of both consultations was very positive with support for the cycle routes exceeding 90% in 2010 and exceeding 73% in 2014.

On 18 March 2014 the Lead Member for Transport and Environment gave authority to progress with construction of a number of these cycle routes. One of these was the route from the Town Centre to Ringwood Road and is known as the Horsey Way Section 1. This route has been difficult to design due to the constraints of the local road network. Although proposals for this route were exhibited in January this year it has been agreed to progress with the original proposals that were drawn up in 2010 but with a few minor changes. I have detailed in the attached appendix the key aspects of Section 1 of the Horsey Way cycle route.

This letter is to inform you that the proposals that were exhibited in the public consultation in 2010 will be progressing to construction in spring 2015. If you wish to view the outcome of the original consultation the Lead Member report can be found on the County Council’s website using the link below.

Yours sincerely

Alan Cook
Principle Transport Planner


horsey letter - page2

Key aspects of the route

The Horsey Way cycleway runs between Eastbourne Railway Station and Langney Roundabout and provides a safer route for cyclists that is mainly off-road The Horsey Way cycleway has been split into 3 sections as follows:

Section 1: between Eastbourne Railway Station and Ringwood Road
Section 2: between Ringwood Road and Lottbridge Drove
Section 3: between Lottbridge Drove and Langney roundabout

Section 2 was completed in September 2013 and it is planned to complete Sections 1 and 3 in 2015/2016 subject to funding being available.

The key aspects of section 1 of the Horsey Way cycle route are as follows:

  • The footway on the northern side of Ashford Road between the Railway Station and Cavendish Place will be widened where necessary to enable cyclists to share the footway with pedestrians.
  • To accomodate the widened footway on the northern side of Ashford Road parking on the southern side of the Ashford Road will be partly on the footway. The existing kerbs will be replaced with bevelled kerbs to allow drivers to mount the footway.
  • A flat top hump will be constructed across the junctions of Junction Road and Susan’s Road giving priority to cyclists as they cross these junctions.
  • A new Toucan crossing will be installed across Ashford Square near the junction with Ashford Road.
  • Eastbourne cyclists will travel between Cavendish Place and Firle Road along Cavendish Avenue via a marked out (coloured) advisory cycle lane. Westbound cyclists will use Dursley Road, Bourne Street and Ashford Square to the new Toucan Crossing.
  • Cyclists will use the existing footway along the western side of Firle Road to reach a new cyclist advanced stop line at the traffic signals. This footway will be widened and converted to a shared footway/cycleway. The traffic signals will be upgraded and will incorporate a cyclist sensor for cyclists travelling southbound from Stansted Road.
  • The cycle route will countinue within the carriageway across the into Stansted Road and Waterworks Road where it will continue along Moy Avenue and Courtlands Road to Ringwood Road where it wil join Section 2 of the Horsey Way.