Media Watch – 25th July 2014

The main news in this week’s Eastbourne Herald is the presentation of Bespoke’s petition of over 1000 signatures in support of the Old Town Cycleway.

The route will link 10 schools between Polegate and Eastbourne running via Old Town.

Councillor John Ungar handed over the document to the chairman of East Sussex County Council last week.

We hope to see this route investigated by the experts in East Sussex’s transport team and a proposal on how to implement it presented over the next year so funding can be arranged.

It’s not too late to sign, you can sign the online petition for the Old Town Cycleway still. Every signature helps.


The letters page has 4 cycling related letters this week.

The first letter, is pretty outrageous, even for the Herald’s letters pages. Mr J I  Hoban of Lindfield Road writes in to complain that cyclists are a menace and calls for legislation as they are up to no good when markets are held on the seafront.

Mr Hoban raises concerns about coaches, and this was identified by East Sussex County Council on their plan for the seafront cycling, and this area outside the Pier  will be widened to provide enough room for all users.

Eastbourne Herald – Eastbourne is becoming squalid and dangeroussqualid-and-dangerous

Jasmine Eaton from Clarence Road writes in with her experience of cycling in the Netherlands, and compares it to the difficulties of cycling along the seafront in Eastbourne. It’s a shame to see two cyclists put off riding along our lovely seafront. We would encourage Jasmine and her husband to get in touch and join Bespoke to help us make a difference.

Eastbourne Herald – Holland has the right idea

Finally two regular anti cycling letter writers, Andy Adams of Trossachs Close and Robert Cowan of Meads Road write in raising concerns about the lack of lights on some bikes, and calling for more training for cycle riders.

At night it is a legal requirement to have lights on your bike, and Bespoke would certainly encourage all riders to make sure they have them fitted. Cheap lights can be bought inexpensively in pound shops, and better quality lights in any of the excellent cycle shops in Eastbourne.

There is some good news about training for Mr Cowan, as East Sussex County Council are providing both adult and child training courses at Eastbourne Sports Park over the summer, see their Bikeability Leaflet for more details.

Eastbourne Herald – Cyclists in the dark over rules

Eastbourne Herald – A bicycle is still a vehicle


An opinion piece by David Clay of Desmond Road complains that the recent council decision to repeal the bye-law is undemocratic.

The decision was reached after a detailed consultation by East Sussex County Council, and was the most widely responded to public consultation ever run in Eastbourne. Over 700 people voiced their support for allowing cycling along Eastbourne seafront, compared to just over 200 who disapproved of it. In addition to this, Bespoke presented a petition of over 3000 signatures of those who wanted to be able to cycle along Eastbourne seafront.

Mr Clay also points out that far more cyclists were using the road than the prom, and shows that confident cyclists are using the road and will continue to do so. Cycling on the prom is for slower leisure riders, children and the elderly, rather than fast lycra riders.