Support Space For Cycling In Eastbourne

Bespoke are calling on Eastbourne’s councillors to speak up and support CTC’s Space for Cycling campaign.

What is the Space for Cycling campaign? Jon Snow gives a brief introduction to Space for Cycling in the video below.

Two thirds of the population agree that the roads are just too busy to cycle safely on. Britain has one of the lowest rates of cycling in Europe. Just 1 in 10 confidently use the current roads on their bikes, but that leaves a large proportion of our society, especially children and the elderly excluded.

The key aims are protected space on main roads, with priority for cyclists so you don’t have to stop and start are every side road, 20mph speed limits on quiet roads, town centres that are accessible by bike and cycle routes in parks and open spaces.

We need to get local councillors signed up and on board as they make the decisions locally and make these aims a reality.

To get involved, and for more information, visit the Space4Cycling website.