Eastbourne Cycle Accidents 2013

CTC have released an interesting map of all reported cycling accidents in the UK for 2013.

Here’s the map for Eastbourne, click on the markers for details of the accident.

CTC have a disclaimer on the map.

To get a true picture of the risks of cycling, several years of data is required for each road, as well as exposure data for the amount of cycling that is taking place. We’d therefore urge caution before saying that such a location is ‘more dangerous’ than another, as it may very well be that the more dangerous locations have low levels of cycle casualties because most people wouldn’t ever dream of cycling there to begin with.

One hotspot in Eastbourne is around the railway station, and this is being looked at as part of the Arndale Centre redevelopment. This is also as part of the cycling improvements being constructed by ESCC using LSTF money. Unfortunately, this area will just be sign posts warning motorists of cyclists.

Other accidents have occurred in the areas Bespoke identified as problematic, and are trying to address as part of the Old Town Cycleway proposal.

If you would like to see cycle safety improved across Eastbourne, please consider joining Bespoke.