Media Watch – 10th November 2014

There was quite a bit of cycling news in the Eastbourne Herald this week.

Firstly, Katy Bourne, the East Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner was talking about cyclists.


There was a lot about cyclists jumping red lights and needed number plates to be caught. Thankfully Bespoke’s Chair, Scarlett McNally was able to try to bring some common sense to the story, pointing out that license plates for cyclists have been tried and failed many times before.

Columnist Anne-Marie Field had something to say on this.


It was interesting to see Anne-Marie come out in favour of compulsory helmets for cyclists.

The Herald also had an opinion of it’s own.


The usual rubbish about drivers paying to use the road has been mentioned again. It should be pointed out that drivers don’t pay to use the road, they pay to pollute. A rated cars are exempt from VED, as are the disabled, agricultural vehicles, the emergency services etc…

However, in the letters page, not much was thought of Katy’s proposals.


Finally, Bespoke’s competition competition to win a Blaze Lazer Light, also got some coverage.