Young Cyclist Hit By Car On Seaside

A young female language student was on her way to college on 10th November at about 8:30am. She was riding along Seaside ON THE ROAD. As she was passing Beach Road a woman drove out of that road onto Seaside right in front of the young woman on her bike. The bike hit the car and the cyclist fell off having been propelled forwards into the bike’s handlebars. She was bruised, shaken up, but luckily not badly hurt.

The driver’s explanation was the pathetically lame “I didn’t see the cyclist”.

The Police were involved, but there is no news on what course of action they are taking.

The A259 Seaside has recently been a source of controversy, with the Police putting up posters warning cyclists not the cycle on the pavement there, but on the road. The road already has one of the highest accident rates for cyclists in Eastbourne, and is badly congested by traffic.