Cyclist Suffers Bleeding On The Brain After Accident On Kings Drive

Bespoke have heard that a serious accident took place in Eastbourne at approximately 8:45 this morning. A cyclist was riding along Kings Drive, close to the DGH, when the he was knocked from his bike.

The cyclist was initially rushed to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings. He has now been transferred to Haywards Heath suffering bleeding on the brain.

The cyclist was wearing hi-viz and was a cycle helmet.

Update: 25th March 2015

We’ve now received more details on this accident.

The cyclist was riding along Kings Drive near the new construction site. Mud on the road from construction traffic caused his bike to skid and for him to fall.

He is currently in a stable condition at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings, and will now only be transferred to Haywards Heath if his condition worsens.

Bespoke wish him a speedy recovery. We would also like to remind cyclists to take particular care when riding in this area.