Seafront Cycling Byelaw Voted On This Week

On Wednesday, Eastbourne councillors will be voting on wether to amend the seafront byelaws. The proposed change is to the wording of the byelaw that prohibits cycling.

Byelaw 1

In byelaw 1, add , “” designated ” in relation to a route or area means set aside for a specific purpose, the route or area and the purpose to be indicated by notices placed in a conspicuous position “.

Byelaw 2(1)

In byelaw 2(1) add after the words ‘right of way’ the words ,”or a designated route”.

The borough council want to amend the byelaw to allow either a shared use or a dedicated path.

The wording is interesting, it seems to be specific to allowing a segregated path. If it doesn’t pass, it would appear that only shared use would be possible.

Given the outspoken views of some Conservative councillors against shared use, it will be interesting to see how they vote. Voting against could mean shared use, something they oppose going ahead.

Eastbourne has been waiting a long time for this. It was voted on last year after a public consultation and passed by the council, with only 2 councillors voting against it. Bespoke hopes the newly elected councillors will remember the results of the consultation, and vote in favour.