A Child’s Perspective Of Cycling In Eastbourne

Bespoke asked a 10 year old for 2 good things and 2 bad things about cycling in Eastbourne. Watch the video she made for an insight into what Eastbourne’s children think of the cycling facilities provided.

A child’s perspective is very interesting as it highlights problems that adults may not think is an issue.

The Good

The Horsey Cycleway

The Horsey Cycleway is a shared use path linking Ringwood Road to Lottbridge Drove. It’s traffic free and only crosses one road.

The Seafront

Unsurprisingly, the scenic route along Eastbourne seafront was a favourite. Between Fisherman’s Green and Sovereign Harbour a shared use path provides safe and traffic free cycling for children and families.

The Bad

The Seafront

Eastbourne seafront features again between Fishermans Green and The Pier where the cycle route stops and cyclists are forced to either walk or ride in heavy motor traffic.

NCR 21

National Cycle Route 21 near Tesco was not a favourite. Although the route is off road on a shared use path, it has to cross many fast roads with poor lines of sight.

What Children Want

We asked what could be done to make cycling safer for children in Eastbourne, and the following was suggested.

  • Cycling made possible on the seafront.
  • Safe cycle routes built across Eastbourne.
  • And everywhere else.