Join Today’s Mass Bike Ride

A quick reminder – please join us today, Sunday 29th November, for an illuminated mass bike ride and march. It’s Eastbourne’s contribution to the Global Climate March ahead of the climate change conference in Paris.

We will be gathering on the Wish Tower slopes by the RNLI shop from 3pm. You might want to come earlier to join Scott Doane for some balloon snowman-making(!) At 3.30pm we will set off for Sovereign Harbour, still on the road to Fisherman’s Green 🙁 and back. Marchers will take the prom. Decorate your bikes with lights and, marchers, bring lanterns.

Trawling the web for well-written and argued articles on the climate crisis, I came back to this classic by Bill McKibben, and the accompanying film: Do The Math.

The ride/march will be another call to the powers that be to make it safer and easier for anyone to get around town by bicycle. Luckily the recent motion to further delay the endless prom byelaw “process” failed! Thanks to all who wrote to their councillors and came along to the Town Hall. We wait on for the final verdict.

Robert McGowan