Eastbourne Residents Want Improved Cycle Routes

A new survey suggests there is strong support for new cycle routes across Eastbourne.

An astonishing 87% of Eastbourne residents rated cycle routes and transport links as a priority over the next 5 years. 42% of Eastbourne residents wanted it as their top priority. Only 11% of residents rated it as “not important”.


Bespoke says, “We hear a lot about what the silent majority want, and it turns out they want cycle routes. With congestion increasing, Eastbourne residents are looking for alternative ways to get across town. We need space for cycling!”

Support was strongest amongst the 35-54 age group, with 47% placing it as a top priority. Those aged between 55-65 jointly rated it a top priority at 43% with providing job opportunities for young people. 41% of those aged 65+ wanted it as a top priority.

BMG Research carried out the survey on behalf of Eastbourne Borough Council in July 2015.

BMG sent the survey to a random sample of 4,000 residents. There were 984 completed surveys, a response rate of 24.6%. This gives an adjusted standard error of ± 3.1% at the 95% confidence level on an observed statistic of 50%. The survey findings were weighted by gender, age, ethnicity, household size, and ward. This ensured that the findings were as representative as possible across the Borough.