Horsey Cycleway Phase 3 Approved By ESCC

On Wednesday 18th May, the proposed extension to the Horsey Cycleway was discussed at East Sussex County Council’s Planning Committee (EB/3304/CC).

This route would provide a new Toucan Crossing on Lottbridge Drove, and a 3 metre wide shared cyclepath / footpath along the borders of Eastbourne Park to Langney Roundabout, as well as providing a link to Tollgate School. It will eventually provide a cycle link all the way from Sovereign Harbour to Eastbourne Railway Station.

Cllr David Tutt wasn’t present at the meeting, but as ward councillor for St Anthony’s he sent a message of support to the planning committee.

Cllr Steve Wallis spoke and said it was rarely he got excited about a planning application, but in this case he was. He was please the route took people away from busy roads, and recommended the committee approve the application.

Cllr Kathryn Field moved to second the application. She noted that there are objections from walkers who are scared of cyclists, but that is no evidence that cyclists mow down pedestrians. The health benefits of cycling and walking were mentioned, and she could see no reason not to approve the plans.

Finally, Cllr Barry Taylor spoke, and was disappointed not to be able to second the proposal. He said it was wonderful it was going to be path for both pedestrians and cyclists, but it was a waste that it also wasn’t a road to relieve congestion. He finished by pointing out that the path was very much needed.

A vote was taken and it was passed unanimously.

Consultation Responses

Sussex Police supported the proposed new Horsey Cycleway stating that shared use between pedestrians and cyclists will increase human activity and so reduce both risk and fear of crime and will promote a sense of safety that will be further increased with the lighting to be installed along the route.

Local Access Groups were consulted by the applicant in May 2013. They were generally supportive of the proposals as it would improve access to areas of the town along a quiet route thus avoiding major roads.

14 representations were received from the public. 5 were in support, 5 objected and 4 made comments. In general the objections were from people living in the vicinity of the proposed route concerned with the impact on sheep and other animals, flooding, cost, and the route being pro cycling.

Bespoke Says

Bespoke are very pleased to see this new cycle path has been approved for construction. It will provide a safe route for children getting to and from school, as well as promoting cycling and walking through Eastbourne Park.