Upgrading the Cuckoo Trail

Two kids enjoying the Cuckoo Trail

Bespoke actively encourages and campaigns for the provision of walking and cycling infrastructure within any new proposed housing estate.

The current walking and cycling strategy has a plan that does not include these estates.

For example – South Wealden is planning on building 13,000 homes in the Hailsham and Willingdon area. Many of these sites are not even within the 2016 Local Plan. So what is required is that Local Councils ensure that developers know that walking and cycle infrastructure should be built within the schemes.

The Cuckoo Trail Petition

There is a petition to protect, enhance, and extend the Cuckoo Trail to develop a network of “traffic free” routes in Hailsham. This would support the initiatives from Hailsham Active who want a healthier town .

The Enhance the Cuckoo Trail petition is to get Wealden Council to provide earlier guidance to developers, to ensure we get new infrastructure, as part of any schemes. We have found that it is too late after the estates are finished.

Please sign the petition, and help up get better cycling and walking infrastructure.