Support a safe route along the A27

A27 East of Lewes - Proposed pedestrian and cycle path

Please get involved in the two consultations and support a traffic-free route along the A27 from Polegate to Lewes. Your view is important as there is not sufficient funding for everything.

There are numerous benefits for pedestrians and cyclists, and your comments could include some of these:-

  • Shorter and safer commute to Lewes, as the route through the lanes is over 2 miles further. Currently the safest route for cyclists is through Abbots Wood, which is often muddy in winter.
  • Pedestrian and disabled access between local villages. Otherwise people need to drive. This would improve the access and economy of local pubs and shops.
  • Reduce pollution and improve air quality by giving people alternatives to driving and providing opportunities to exercise.
  • Better access to the National Park and to local stations at Berwick and Glynde which is good for tourism, walkers and cyclists.
  • A cycle route to Drusillas.

You may also wish to comment on the 4 proposals for road junctions at Polegate, Wilmington, Drusillas and Selmeston. For example the junction at Polegate still needs a safer route to cross the carriageways for pedestrians and cyclists.

If you want more information there are still some exhibitions you could attend. The details of which are included in the links below.