Cycling Numbers in Eastbourne – Finally Up

Good news! With the latest Department for Transport Statistics, walking and cycling numbers
in Eastbourne are up.

Although there has been a 5% increase from 2016 to 2017 in walking and cycling combined , there has been a 50% increase in cycling alone. Showing that more people have discovered that it is often quicker, in the rush hour, to cycle than to drive and park.

For those who wish to examine the data in more detail there are plenty of data tables in the
Walking and Cycling Statistics, England: 2017

So although some care needs to be taken in terms of the numbers, because they are from a very low base, the general trend appears up. In statistics jargon the DfT are reasonably confident, that those cycling once a month, in Eastbourne in 2017, were between 15% and 19% of the adult population.

That moves Eastbourne from amongst the worst performing 15% of Local Authorities to around the middle. Still a huge gap from where we could be!

One reason to support walking and cycling is that 40% of Adults do not do enough exercise. The authorities suggest that “One way people can meet the recommended level of physical activity is by building it into their commute. In 2017, out of all commuting trips, [only] 11% were walked and 4% were cycled.

Everybody accepts that walking is great exercise and that many people would like to do more. However, as the data shows when the distance is more than a mile, then trips are then made in cars. So for many cycling would give them the range required.

Finally one of the biggest barriers remains, that people just think the roads are too dangerous. That is why we need some real improvements so that walking and cycling become the preferred choices for travel.

Note – The content, images and information are from the DfT statistics for 2017 and its linked report