No improvements in cycling for 2019

Each year the Department for Transport (DfT) produces statistics on walking and cycling numbers. Unfortunately there has been no improvement anywhere in East Sussex, even though the Government set a target to double cycle numbers, between 2015 and 2025.

Cycling within Eastbourne, as a proportion of all transport trips (walking, car buses, trains etc) is low. In 1981 it was 4.5% of all trips were on a bike and then in 1991 down to 3%. For the last 10 years it has remained around 2%. So for a town with an ideal climate and geography and for which the Council has the target of a carbon neutral town by 2030, these statistics can only be viewed as a failure.

Table CW0302 shows that there is a hardcore of cyclists that cycle regularly. However, probably because the the roads are far from ideal, the occasional cyclist is put off.

Also in the same table is an analysis of any significant changes in cycling numbers, compared with previous years.

So in a town, where congestion is becoming worse, the concern is that this situation will continue until some safe cycle lanes are built.