Help needed for Coastal Scheme public consultation

As you may be aware, the Environment Agency are currently in public consultation over the £100 million flood defence project along our coast. This is in direct response to the climate emergency but as yet no consideration has been given to incorporate cycle infrastructure in the project.

We find this ludicrous! Bespoke has been campaigning for 15 years to get a connected cycle path along the seafront, particularly the section between Fisherman’s Green and Wish Tower. People don’t get on their bikes because it’s too dangerous to cycle on the seafront road, which is the only choice here.

Can you help? Please come along to the drop-in sessions at the Welcome Building this Thursday to Saturday 10-5pm (28th April 2022 – 30th April 2022), or book onto the Thursday evening or Saturday afternoon talk. There’s also a walk with a project team member on Friday morning, as well as engagement sessions in Pevensey Bay next week. You’ll be able to find out more about the project and ask questions.

If you can, please speak to an Environmental Officer and ask them what’s being done to incorporate cycle infrastructure in their plans. You can state that we’re interested in creating an ‘active travel corridor’, to include pedestrians and buses as well as cyclists – as these are the greenest, healthiest and cheapest forms of transport. Please make sure they note your comments too.

The more of us that keep asking these questions, the more they have to take notice. If you can spare a few minutes to come along in person, please do. Due to staffing issues there’s little point emailing them at the moment, as they have a large backlog. But if that’s your only option, please do email them, as every voice counts: