Template Text For Objections To TRO/456

Terminus Road Eastbourne pedestrian and cycle zone

As you may have already seen East Sussex County Council is proposing a 24/7 cycle ban in Eastbourne Town Centre. We need you to help stop this.

Here are 2 templates you could copy and paste. Please add in a personal anecdote as to
either how you find cycling dangerous in Eastbourne town centre or your use of this specific route.

Email your letter to: TROs@eastsussex.gov.uk with the subject heading TRO/456 by 29th
July 2022
. Please cc tro@bespokecyclegroup.org.uk so we can keep track of numbers,

Short version

As someone who lives and cycles in Eastbourne I would like to object to TRO/456 and the removal of cycle access in Terminus Road, between Cornfield and Langney Road. Banning cyclists from such routes forces them onto dangerous roads, such as the A259, where speeds are greater and there is more pollution.

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Longer version

As an Eastbourne resident, who also supports cycling, I would like to object to TRO/456. The section on Terminus Road between Cornfield and Langney Road is currently a safe route running east west, and is a low traffic, low speed option away from the A259 ring road. You are not even proposing trialling cycling on this route. With too many of your recent schemes you are asking cyclists, who might be elderly or disabled, to dismount or walk. Many find walking a problem. This will also be next to another section of Terminus Road, where cycling is now banned but buses, delivery vans and taxis are allowed. It has become increasingly apparent that there will shortly be no cycling provision, across the town. If it is too dangerous to cycle, residents will just drive and park.

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